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Getting Over Yonder is Obi's debut novel. What started off as an interest in creative writing as a child, blossomed into a lifetime love affair with the art of storytelling. Her vivid characters will take you on a boundless journey of self-discovery and growth that is sure to captivate your heart and mind.

Obi Simic was born in Montreal, Quebec and raised in a small suburb just off the island. She has been expressing herself through various forms of art for as long as she can remember. As a child she would hide out in her bedroom and pass several hours by drawing, making crafts and creating outrageous story lines for her dolls. Convinced that she wanted to be a teacher, she would line up all of her stuffed animals and begin to instruct. While she would like to boast that she's been writing since the age of four, she recognizes that the same is true for most. So what makes her different than the rest?

In her early teens, Obi moved to Ottawa, Ontario, continuing her education in the nation's capital. She enrolled in a writer's craft course in her final year of high school and it was there that she was blown away by the power of one's imagination. Finally, an outlet for those who respect the structure of technical writing, but yearn to explore the flexibility and imagination that engulfs a creative mind!

After graduating from the University of Ottawa with an Honours Bachelor degree in Psychology and a minor in English, Obi decided against going to teacher's college. Instead, she found a way to convey important subject matter to people by means of her writing.

Violence, racism, language prejudice and other forms of intolerance are well and alive, existing in our society; yes, right here in Canada! And Getting Over Yonder is a timely story that touches on issues not only affecting Quebec, but our entire nation. Obi strives to take on serious subject matter and colourfully shape it in a way that her readers find palatable and relatable.

Whether Obi forms her art in such a way that it satisfies your eyes, heart, or mind, her objective is to have you coming back for more. Obi is persistent and passionate about what she does and she is wholeheartedly looking forward to her new found readership. She always welcomes inquiries regarding her work as well as the sharing of your personal stories.


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Getting Over Yonder

Follow Olivia Ugochinyere on her journey of self-discovery as the young, Black Canadian struggles to find her place in modern society. A knack for investigation, paired with the curse of unfortunate timing, leaves Olivia at the centre of several uncovered secrets. Blatant prejudice and ignorance test her mental health as she fights to hold on to a culture that her family has taught her is unique and important. Starting with bike trails down the roads of her small, Quebec town, to the hilly climb of her ancestors' paths in Kingston, Jamaica, the reader will be transported into the life of someone who, in spite of herself, has willed to live.

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Orayo's Big Decision

This book was written and illustrated for the child who dares to dream beyond society’s boundaries. It was written for those who desire to break norms and are unafraid of trying new things. This story is for the parent who enjoys watching their young one make broad connections by the exploration of this beautiful, boundless and bountiful world! If you would like for your out-of-the-box thinker(s) to be featured in a uniquely tailored story–just like the one you’re holding–please visit Obi at www.obisimic.com and submit a query.

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And So I Danced

Whether you are hearing about Obi Simic for the first time, or you are a dedicated fan eagerly awaiting her next publication, And So I Danced, is sure to be a colourful narrative splashed with bold characters who weave throughout a poignant storyline that is full of gratifying twists and turns for your imagination. Follow the adventures of a tea maker’s son; Amir, a spry Iranian boy, whose life is turned upside down in the most traumatic way before he is left with the heart-wrenching task of rebuilding the pieces of his fragmented soul. You may laugh and perhaps you may cry, but rest assured that, once again, Obi will deliver a timely tale that will speak to your heart. Novel synopsis to come.


Book review by literary journalist, Donna Bailey Nurse: "Obi Simic's Engrossing Novel"


Article by Apt613 "Writers Fest: Getting Over Yonder is an excellent novel"


Ottawa Life Magazine - Featured in "Summer Reading Guide"


“I found Getting Over Yonder to be a compelling story of unfortunate circumstances, self-destruction and finally, discovery, of just how resilient we are when we allow ourselves to accept the truth; the truth that only within ourselves can we find the strength we need to continue on our life’s path to our “yonder.” Whatever ‘yonder’ that may be for each of us...”

Christine Leblanc

“Great novel for a first time author. It's passionate and dramatic in all the right ways. You will laugh and you may cry but in all at the end the story leaves you pondering for more in all the right ways. It is inspirational and leaves my imagination running..”


“The author takes you to Olivia's life with such intensity that you cannot put down the book.”


“This novel is a MUST have for anyone who is a fan of Canadian literature. It is a definite page turner. Obi Simic's writing style is beyond captivating.”


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